My grandfather, “Big Ed”, was a community pillar, serial entrepreneur, and (especially in his retirement) chock-full of hobbies. I’ve always loved horticulture, but never nurtured that passion until my grandfather passed and left behind a collection of rare orchids and bonsai trees. I found myself inheriting one of his orchids, Dendrobium Lindleyi, a beautiful little thing with cascades of delicate yellow-gold flowers. That orchid sat on my windowsill, the only connection I had left with a man I shared so much in common with but never took enough time to enjoy. From that sadness, I found ardor for something special. In months, I had dozens of houseplants. In a year, hundreds of collectible tropicals and orchids.

Bombotany started at home in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, when my passion for indoor gardening blossomed into a whole greenhouse full of ornamental houseplants. I love plants – my collection is multiplying every day! I’m always looking out for interesting new friends to add to the collection, so you better believe Bombotany will always stock unique plants and exotic flowers. With the help of carefully chosen partners, Bombotany’s able to offer an even more diverse collection of gardening supplies and living decorations that thrive indoors!

Our dedication is to floriculture – horticulture more specifically concerned with flowering and ornamental plants. Orchids, succulents, and air plants have always been my personal favorites, so you can count on interesting varieties coming through our web store all the time! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for upcoming features from our greenhouse.

I hope you’ll come to find Bombotany as more than just an indoor gardening web-store. My ragtag team of gardening enthusiasts are here to offer valuable, informative content to the indoor gardening world. We’re here to help you learn how to nurse your plants back to health, teach you something new about plant care, and keep you up to date on the latest trends taking the horticultural stage. Why? Because we love to.

Check out Botany Basics and our care guides, how-to articles, instructional videos, and educational tips about everything green that fits on a windowsill.

With gratitude,

Grant Polton


flowering dendrobium
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