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In terms of scientific classification and taxonomic rank (domain>kingdom>phylum>class>order>family>genus>species), the family Bromeliaceae encompasses an incredible number of plants including pineapple and the oh-so-popular-epiphyte Tillandsia (aka air plants). For our purposes, these compiled resources will be for what most people refer to when talking about “Bromeliads” – most of which are from the subfamily Bromelioideae. Popular varieties we’ve come to know and love are Cryptanthus, Canistropsis, Neoregelia, and (from the Tillandsioideae subfamily) Vriesea.

What Are Bromeliads? – BSI

Bromeliad Culture Brochure – BSI

Botany Basics

Miltonia / Miltoniopsis Orchid Complete Care Guide

You’re probably here because you just purchased a Miltonia or Miltoniopsis Orchid – congrats! Or perhaps, you’re teetering around the buy-now button, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out to be an orchid parent. We’ll help you figure that out. Hint: you are cut out for it. Miltonia and Miltoniopsis are frequently lumped together,

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oncidium orchid

Oncidium Orchid Complete Care Guide

The Oncidium orchid genus, often abbreviated to just Onc, belongs to the angiosperm family Orchidaceae. Around 300 gorgeous species fall under this plentiful genus. Common names for these orchids include Dancing Lady or Golden Shower orchid, aptly named for their yellow-brown to golden dress-like petal arrangements. Some species change it up and exhibit white, red,

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golden pothos devils ivy

Pothos Complete Care Guide

(AKA Devil’s Ivy, AKA Epipremnum Aureum) That’s right!  Golden Pothos!  Devil’s Ivy, Hunter’s Robe, Silver Vine, Epipremnum aureum (not to be confused with Philodendron)!  Also, one of the countless plants carrying the moniker “Money Plant” (every plant’s money plant to the guy you get it from)!  This beautiful, quick-growing vine is simply one of the

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