BLOOMING Miltoniopsis Red Woodham

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Live Miltoniopsis orchid plant is currently budding to blooming!

Miltoniopsis Red Woodham is a classically stunning red Miltoniopsis with deeper maroon shades.

Live orchid plants from Bombotany come in the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy.

This Miltoniopsis Red Woodham orchid is available in your choice of…

▲ 4″ Nursery Pot – No added cost, not pictured above, can vary in shape, color, and material.
✿ 5.75×5.75″ Scout Orchid Pot – From the “Soft-as-Silk” series, sustainably small-batch manufactured in Philadelphia by Palmer Planter Company, a two person pottery studio. These beautiful, functional orchid pots come in your choice of Milk White (as pictured) or Terracotta Red (no scoring, smooth clay). Time-tested and used by orchid professionals everywhere, terracotta pots offer enhanced balance of breathability and moisture retention. These pots have ample aeration holes, increasing plant health even more! Each planter is hand made in Pennsylvania – embrace slight differences in shape, size and color.


Nursery, Organic Polymer, Scout – Milk White, Scout – Terracotta, Terracotta

5 reviews for BLOOMING Miltoniopsis Red Woodham

  1. hensonn701

    Such a beautiful orchid. It's very cold out. The seller took great care in wrapping this orchid I have a very shy open bloom. Probably because of cold. All other blooms intact. I hope it warms up and gets comfortable. Thank you!

  2. Janelle Williams

    Very fast shipping and healthy orchid

  3. Yvette

    Plant arrived in perfect shape, it was so meticulously packaged. This is my second order from this shop and they do not disappoint! Perfect beautiful orchids every time. I recommend this shop 100%. Thank you!

  4. Ebony vasquez

    This reviewer left no comments

  5. Xiomara Vasquez

    This reviewer left no comments

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