IN SPIKE Orchid Brassavola nodosa

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Live Brassavola orchid plant is currently in spike to blooming stages of growth!
This plant will be larger than the plant in the listing photos.

The legendary Brassavola nodosa is the parent of many other popular hybrids and is incredibly easy to care for!

This Brassavola orchid is available in your choice of…

▲ 3″ Nursery Pot – No added cost, can vary in shape, color, and material.
➽ Classic Red Clay Terracotta – Time-tested and used by orchid professionals everywhere, terracotta pots offer enhanced breathability.

Live orchid plants from Bombotany come in the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy.

Photo #1 credit Glen Barfield


Ecoforms, Nursery, Organic Polymer, Terracotta

2 reviews for IN SPIKE Orchid Brassavola nodosa

  1. Katherine Noblet

    This is a nice hardy plant with 3 bloom spikes. Thank you

  2. astrogirl1129

    Excellent seller providing high quality, well cared for orchids. Received a b. nodosa better than expected in a lovely polymer container. No visible pests, shipping was fast and secure, communication was very good. As a result, have added this shop to my favorites and will patronize again above others for future orchid purchases.

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