Juniper Bonsai Tree – Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ – Live Bonsai Plant in Decorative Pot, 3-4 Years Old

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Juniper Procumbens is a dwarf Japanese Juniper with bright green growth that blues slightly as it ages. Technically a shrub, this trained bonsai tree is sought after by houseplant enthusiasts everywhere. This variety of bonsai tree is what most people picture when thinking of bonsai. Trouble free and easy to care for, Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ is a very popular and well adapted houseplant variety, the perfect entry level/beginner bonsai tree.

We’re now offering our updated and improved 2021 bonsai stock! Plant delivered will be ~3 to 4 years old and trained to approximately 5-6″ height. These bonsai trees have been trained into several essential styles and are now ready for your creative input! Most trees will be “windswept” as seen in photo #3. Approximately 1/3 of trees will be “cascade” style as seen in photo #4. Some trees may be “upright” or other unique styles, as seen in photo #5.

All trees come top dressed with fine decorative gravel and an accent mineral. Accent minerals are not just beautiful, but they’re also useful for checking on soil moisture down below without disturbing the potting media. Current possible mineral varieties include Lava Rock, Black River Stone, Timberlite, and, most frequently, Snowflake Obsidian. Snowflake Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass, a variation of Obsidian formed when volcanic lava cools more slowly than normal, allowing the formation of needle-shaped cristobalite, a type of quartz crystal. Some collectors believe Snowflake Obsidian has healing, calming, and soothing spiritual properties.

These Juniper Bonsai come in your choice of traditional glazed ceramic bonsai pot, each one measuring approximately 5x4x2″.

✿ Meadow Green (Rectangle)
✿ Tuscan Cream (Rectangle)
✿ Ancient Crimson (Oval)
✿ Latte Cream (Rectangle)
✿ Sapphire Blue (Rectangle)
✿ Alpine Green (Rectangle)
✿ Opal White (Clover)
✿ Sky Blue (Rectangle)
✿ Midnight Black (Oval) – currently unavailable

For an even happier and healthier plant, we strongly recommend the use of a humidity tray. Our polymer humidity trays are Black Pearl color, as seen in photos #1, #2, and #7, and come with the perfect amount of river pebbles. Humidity trays are meant to be filled with water on a regular basis. The evaporating water increases ambient humidity to your tree’s foliage. The use of river pebbles speeds up the evaporation rate, making for an even more effective setup. Humidity trays are also useful for catching runoff when you water your new bonsai plant pal!

Message us for care tips!

Tray Option

No Humidity Tray, With Humidity Tray

Pot Choice

Alpine Green, Ancient Crimson, Latte Cream, Meadow Green, Midnight Black, Opal White, Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue, Surprise me!, Tuscan Cream

304 reviews for Juniper Bonsai Tree – Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ – Live Bonsai Plant in Decorative Pot, 3-4 Years Old

  1. Allison

    My tree arrived in perfect condition, the shipping was fast, and the recipient loved it

  2. Tammie

    Beautiful plant and pot. Very healthy and I haven’t killed it yet so that’s a plus!!! Highly recommend and will be buying from them again!

  3. Niki

    Not super impressed. Shipping (out the door) was slow. Bonsai tree was very dried out and it's little pines were falling off. It was not very well rooted either. This tree ultimately died despite my best efforts to nurse back to health. I don't normally leave poor reviews, and perhaps this was just a fluke, but it was a birthday gift and so I'm disappointed to say the least.

  4. Tea

    It arrived in PERFECT condition and is so beautiful!!!!!

  5. M. Kelly

    This came securely packaged and was alive and well upon receipt. My nephew absolutely love this bonsai tree. Thank you so much!

  6. Holly Volpe

    Obsessed!!! Absolutely in love with my juniper bonsai. Very well packaged. Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!

  7. Monique Fontaine

    It came well packed!

  8. Tim beaman

    Perfect little bonzai I love it delivered flawlessly

  9. pattersonkristin1

    I honestly didn't know what to expect ordering a plant online. I doubted it would show up in great shape…and I'd have to reassemble it in some way. this was not the case. it showed up packaged in a way that all I had to do was unwrap it and set it in my windowsill. it's beautiful and very much alive. not a stone needed to be replaced. I will definitely be ordering from this seller again. amazing!

  10. Pete Gueldner

    Looked beautiful, shipped well, better than expected. Pot broke in shipping (it was wrapped VERY well), he still sent a replacement pot in the mail ASAP and now it is repotted and beautiful!

  11. Edward Villarreal

    arrived safe 🙏🏻

  12. Denise

    This reviewer left no comments

  13. Erin F

    Well packaged, healthy, and adorable!

  14. Kim

    This reviewer left no comments

  15. Tristine Ellis

    This reviewer left no comments

  16. Melissa

    This reviewer left no comments

  17. Maria Hall

    Its Awsome ! Well worth the wait .

  18. Stephanie Radabaugh

    This reviewer left no comments

  19. Alyssa Davis

    This reviewer left no comments

  20. Maria Lorenzano

    Loved it! It was nicely packaged and is just as pictured 🙂

  21. Bernarda Silva

    I was a little nervous of buying it online but it exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect gift, great presentation and good quality.

  22. Nikki

    The one I received is so so tiny…not at all as advertised. Super disappointed.

  23. SterekHale

    This reviewer left no comments

  24. Pam Karst

    Second bonsai ordered and we love it!

  25. Michael

    Lovely plant. Arrived in excellent condition.

  26. David Brown

    This reviewer left no comments

  27. Pam Karst

    Bonsai arrived safe and early! Great customer service that I ordered another plant! Thank you!

  28. V Allen

    I bought this as a gift for my son. He loves it. He had been admiring the bonsai tree for quite some time. Perfect gift.

  29. tlrue1

    This reviewer left no comments

  30. Heidi Gilroy

    Came just as described. Wrapped very carefully and healthy!

  31. Melinda Martin

    This reviewer left no comments

  32. Alyssa Davis

    This reviewer left no comments

  33. Doreen

    It arrived slightly delay, but not because of the dealer, they were so honest and professional, they emailed me letting me it was going to be delayed. My tree is so beautiful thank you!!! And also the planter that my plant was planted in!!! Packing was so well done! Loved it! Mahalo

  34. Meghan Ryan

    Absolutely gorgeous! My friend loves ther bonsai – made a great gift!
    Thank you!

  35. Alex N

    arrived safely and on time, seller was a great help and very quick to reply! thank you so much!

  36. Ameer Ahmed

    Packaging was great, the tree arrived in one piece. Thanks!

  37. Jill Meixl

    Came packed very securely, lots of responsive communication given my nervousness about the shipping timeframe. Love it!

  38. Nicky Blue

    This reviewer left no comments

  39. Rhenell Evans

    This reviewer left no comments

  40. Shelly Rynerson

    Well packaged and came very quickly

  41. sarahchic48

    This reviewer left no comments

  42. Kathryn Wirtanen

    From ordering to receipt of the bonsai tree, everything exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

  43. Scarlett Gonzalez

    Awesome little tree. Thank you so much!

  44. Jairo

    Very nice and responsive! New bonsi is amazing

  45. Shelby Gotschika

    This reviewer left no comments

  46. Shelley Smith

    This reviewer left no comments

  47. Anthony Chavez

    Store owner was extremely helpful and thoughtful. He did not send the Bonsai on a certain to make sure it would not sit in a warehouse. He sent it when it would arrive the safest and fastest. My friends loved it and were surprised how well it stood up the delivery. Definitely recommend using them in the future.

  48. Kaleb Bean

    This reviewer left no comments

  49. Denali Cox

    This reviewer left no comments

  50. Kris Werbach

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  51. Josephine Rodriguez

    I love my bonsai tree. It was well wrapped in the shipping box and everything looks great. It looks exactly as pictured here. I am very happy with my tree and the customer service.

  52. David

    Pretty cool little tree, trimmed up just right and well-packaged for shipping – they've obviously done a lot of these!

  53. Lorraine Pelletier

    This reviewer left no comments

  54. Kimberly

    I am so pleased with my order. I have always wanted a bonsai tree & it’s so beautiful. It was packaged so safe and secure. I definitely recommend. 🪴

  55. Jade Sierra

    The plant arrived healthy. Delivery took awhile but arrival was within the scheduled time.

  56. Laura

    This reviewer left no comments

  57. Sharon Ungerfeld

    This reviewer left no comments

  58. E shaw

    Just love the bonsai. Nicely packed and arrive in perfect condition.

  59. Summer

    Bonsai arrived perfectly healthy and in great condition from being packaged so carefully. Seller was also quick to respond to my questions and was really helpful. I would definitely buy again!

  60. M.

    Survived the long trip in one piece, love it thanks.

  61. McFarland, Alex

    My Juniper arrived in perfect condition. It was packaged like a baby in the mail and cane with the soil still damp. Arrived the day after it shipped too. The seller was quick to respond to any questions I had and overall has given me high hopes my Juniper will flourish.

  62. Mary

    This reviewer left no comments

  63. Jes Decker

    Tree arrived very well packaged and clearly lovingly grown. Very impressed with quality. The shape is already lovely and I can see my options for training after it’s settle and grown a bit. Thanks Bombotany!

  64. ian Paez

    Bonsai came in great packaging, the juniper and pot were in excellent condition. Juniper looks wonderful and healthy. Can’t wait to see it grow!

  65. ebodi

    Was a gift and recipient loved it!

  66. Juliana Luengas

    This reviewer left no comments

  67. Alyssa Ochoterena

    Incredible and fast service! My husband loved his new bonsai tree. Definitely will order from this shop in the future!

  68. Ecuacozy

    Beautiful bonsai, perfect for office.

  69. Jess

    The seller packaged my bonsai up so well! It is absolutely darling.

  70. Patrick

    Nice little bonsai tree. Good quality

  71. efdeat

    This reviewer left no comments

  72. jiacheng zhang

    This reviewer left no comments

  73. Tarlise Townsend

    I love my Juniper bonsai so far! It's been about a month and it seems to be thriving. It makes a great addition to my workspace.

  74. Makayla

    Loved it, came exactly as promised, if not better !

  75. Kirstie Massey

    This reviewer left no comments

  76. Sevara Ruzehaji

    This reviewer left no comments

  77. Mark Terry

    Awesome experience. Seller was very fast responding. I wanted the tree shipped faster and they adjusted my order no problem. I’m going to buy again

  78. christopher wheeler

    Vwry beautiful and got one for my mom too. Guys be sure to read about proper care many articles i read say they must ne outdoor year round for juniper. Hopefully I didn't kill it but have it outside now

  79. Joseph yu

    This reviewer left no comments

  80. Nikki Fulton

    This reviewer left no comments

  81. Angel

    Shipped securely. My little tree is thriving!

  82. John Masi

    Great little bonsai tree! Was gift for my nephew, he just loves it. Shipped quickly and was carefully packaged. Highly recommend seller

  83. Brianna Smith

    Tree wasn’t as big as I hope for. but came fast and in good condition! Plant and pot are nice. Looking forward to this tree growing to look more like the picture!

  84. Janey

    Beautiful juniper ! Packaged well. Arrived healthy ! Seller communicated well ! And shipped quickly! Thank you!

  85. allie112721

    Shipping was incredibly fast, and the tree was packaged so nicely!
    He answered a couple of my questions really fast and is super knowledgeable and friendly.
    Would definitely purchase from him again!

  86. Danielle Ancona

    This reviewer left no comments

  87. huizenga57

    This reviewer left no comments

  88. sophz4185

    Arrived so cutely! I love it 🙂

  89. rashad stafford

    It looks good in its new home.

  90. Rick Beyer

    This reviewer left no comments

  91. jessekissell90

    Good looking tree! Excited to have it and watch it mature. Thanks!

  92. Neha

    Great quality! Exactly what I wanted!

  93. Samira Rafiaie

    This reviewer left no comments

  94. Lisa

    Purchased this beautiful Juniper Bonsai tree for my son, in lieu of his father, who sadly took his own life this pass New Years Eve 2020…My son loves this tree and says "it brings comfort to him during this trying time,"…thank you!

  95. Kelly Nelson

    Beautiful little tree that arrived sooner than anticipated!! Will definitely purchase more from Grant–he's so helpful!

  96. Haley Seville

    This reviewer left no comments

  97. Ashly love

    This reviewer left no comments

  98. TeeAnBo

    Great little tree, came packaged nicely and put together, no spills. (However my bad for not realizing the size of it, I did think it was bigger based off pictures.) Pros- arrived quickly and neatly, super cute and a nice quality planter. Con- little small?

  99. Gloria Manusselis

    Arrived in time and seller was very helpful when asking questions on how to care for the tree.

  100. Shalini Dietrich

    My friend loved the gift!

  101. Kristi

    This reviewer left no comments

  102. yune

    love the tree. i bought it for my mom, but my bf saw it and wanted to keep it for himself. i may be buying from you again real soon.

  103. Adam Rose

    Awesome! Nicely packaged and it arrived safely. Love it!!

  104. Thomas LaMontia

    Arrived healthy in great packaging.

  105. anncarter87

    This reviewer left no comments

  106. Sherry Ortiz

    It’s much smaller than I expected but I love it. It was packed great and looks very healthy. I wish it had come with care instructions but I’ll look those up online. It did ship on time even though I didn’t know it and came quickly after that.

  107. Ed Graham

    Came very quickly in in great shape. Looks great!

  108. Dr. Suman Kumar

    Everything was fine. But it was not as per expectation as the size of the plant was very small. The size was only 7” from humidity tray to tip of the plant

  109. Keysha

    This reviewer left no comments

  110. Landon Saile

    This reviewer left no comments

  111. Charles Verhoog

    Looks amazing and healthy! Great addition to my plant collection

  112. Paul

    Love the tree. Came just as I hoped and packaged with great care! Would definitely buy again

  113. Kendra Bartz

    Smaller than I expected but that was my fault for not paying attention. I was impressed with how well it was packaged. It is a beautiful Bonsai!

  114. Leydi Escobar

    This reviewer left no comments

  115. Diane

    I am so pleased with the Juniper Bonsai Tree! I have wanted one for a long time and it is fabulous! The Bonsai was shipped promptly and was packaged so securely that it made it safely despite the cold weather. The seller was very responsive with questions and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come. Thank you!

  116. karina50rodas

    This reviewer left no comments

  117. brokenriddles

    Cute. Gift was a success!

  118. Tanya Silverman

    Very nice

  119. nanalelush

    It arrived sooner than expected. Beautiful bonzai, as pictured

  120. emilyann12092

    This reviewer left no comments

  121. moises terrero

    This reviewer left no comments

  122. Edgar Trujillo

    This reviewer left no comments

  123. Jennifer Davis

    Perfect little tree! Came quickly and in great condition! My husband loved it!

  124. Lauren

    The packaging was great and the bonsai tree was in perfect condition when it arrived. It was a christmas gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it.

  125. Kavitha B

    Excellent communication, Fast shipping and just as described.

  126. bsnodgre

    Health, and amazingly shipped safe and sound. Nice!!

  127. MsCheckmate

    The tree got stuck in the USPS vortex for longer than expected, but WOW that tree is so hardy. I sent a message and got a super nice message about unpacking and caring for the tree out of box. It was a gift, and the receiver LOVED it. I might need to get one for myself soon, heheh

  128. Adriana Ramos


  129. Kathy Pennell

    I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! It had to be shipped across the country, and I was very impressed with how safely it was packed. It arrived alive and beautiful!

  130. Jenna

    This reviewer left no comments

  131. Madeline

    The tree was a little more sparse than I expected, but it is definitely cute and my husband loved his christmas gift. shipped and packaged very well and arrived undamaged and healthy-looking.

  132. Erika

    This reviewer left no comments

  133. Seth Riker

    This arrived fast and carefully packaged.

  134. Lily Ramoth

    Came packaged great! It’s a really cute little tree, I wish it came with care instructions maybe!

  135. Santos Cervera

    Love it . Bought it for my daughter as a Christmas gift for her desk . She loves it

  136. Maija

    The tree came in perfect condition and was beautiful! Great packaging and shipping as well.

  137. Bridgit

    It came well packaged and looked nicely cared for. I love it.

  138. Davia Carter

    Not as lush as pictured — every tree is different — but overall great purchase.

  139. Raylene Langenfeld

    Great packaging- the tree arrived in perfect condition!

  140. hrbrakey

    So beautiful and I was super impressed with packaging – the tree arrived in perfect shape!

  141. sulbidiim

    My bonsai tree was delivered fast and in perfect health! It was also packaged with such care, it was very well protected inside its box.

  142. Joy

    I bought it for my daughter and she absolutely loved it!!!

  143. Gabby Mason

    This reviewer left no comments

  144. Sam g

    This reviewer left no comments

  145. Lisa Meacham

    This reviewer left no comments

  146. jennifer gonzales

    This reviewer left no comments

  147. Moriah Cruz

    Incredibly fast shipping! So happy with this purchase, the tree was in amazing condition.

  148. Julie

    Beautiful tree and perfectly wrapped to prevent damage! Love it!

  149. Elaine Mimbs

    Love it

  150. Gina

    Item arrived quickly and safely packaged! It is a perfect little bonsai!

  151. Natasha Milner

    Came right before Christmas like I requested. Packaged perfect and very secured. It’s absolutely beautiful. Now to figure out how to keep this beauty alive lol.

  152. kart

    packaging was great and the bonsai tree was safe, it also arrived in time for christmas! 🙂

  153. emchou92

    Arrived quickly and looked exactly like pictured, my mom loves it! Grant was also quick to reply to messages, and helped confirm delivery when I thought it hadn't been delivered yet.

  154. bwilburn4

    Arrived perfect! Grant was so thoughtful with care instructions ❤️

  155. Thuriasal

    Loved it! Honestly would recommend, especially if you’re a plant type of person. It’s so unique looking. It came out a little more smaller than expected however still super nice, and throughout these years it’ll definitely grow✨ Super excited to see how this turns out in a couple of years✨🌱

  156. Ambrosia Grady

    The bonsai tree was packaged very well and arrived unharmed, despite being in transit for 10 days due to USPS backlog. The seller was also helpful with providing the tracking number after it had not arrived on time.

  157. shootingstar35

    Came perfectly packaged and so cute! My friend loved her gift. Thank you!

  158. eirikrsca

    Very nice looking, just like the picture. The owner was very helpful.

  159. Gustave

    This reviewer left no comments

  160. taylor sedney

    This reviewer left no comments

  161. edpixley

    Beautiful and healthy juniper bonsai tree. 🙂 Very happy with this purchase.

  162. Frank

    Item arrived on time! However, item was smaller in size. A better description of size would be better.

  163. Melanie

    Received this bonsai in great shape! It is so delicately packed.

  164. Juliet

    I will say I arrived this within a couple days of purchase! It was so well packaged that nothing was out of place. The bonsai tree itself looks amazing and is healthy and thriving. Thank you so much!

  165. Marybeth

    This reviewer left no comments

  166. M. Kathryn Peters

    Shipped quickly and arrived in great health.

  167. Jacynda Peña

    This reviewer left no comments

  168. Alicia Campa

    My bonsai tree came in perfect condition! Can’t wait to gift this little one to my grandpa for Christmas!

  169. jilliansalazar

    The item that arrived looked EXACTLY like the picture and was in fantastic condition. Thank you!

  170. Donna Haire

    It was a gift that reportedly arrived in great shape, effectively wrapped and protected. On my end, doing business with Bombotany was easy and everything a person could ask for.

  171. ellie marshall

    So happy with this purchase! Arrived on time and was well packaged- everything was in one piece. Emailed for some insight about taking care of the Bonsai and Grant was very responsive. My husband loves it!

  172. Nicole

    This was a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it. I did my research on bonsai trees and this one fits all the things I was looking for.

  173. Kierra Halverson

    This reviewer left no comments

  174. Whitney Niles

    This reviewer left no comments

  175. hrbrakey

    Perfect sympathy gift. Arrived in perfect condition!

  176. Jahanara Hoque

    This reviewer left no comments

  177. kim

    Great experience. Arrived quickly. A Christmas present for my son, he was thrilled.

  178. andavari

    Packed flawlessly, this bonsai is incredible.

  179. Benjamin Huffine

    This reviewer left no comments

  180. Felicity Duran

    This was wrapped like a baby! I was concerned initially because the plant had not come in and USPS apparently attempted. I went to pick it up, and even with a week in a box, the bonsai survived and in good condition.

  181. Serene Ghazi

    This reviewer left no comments

  182. Lexi Harford

    It was wrapped up so securely, soil was still moist upon arrival. Looks super nice!

  183. Erin

    Very fast shipping and seller was very attentive and messaged me back right away!! I am so happy with this purchase. My bonsai trees came neatly wrapped and secure , no damage whatsoever.

  184. Diana

    This reviewer left no comments

  185. Lilly D

    This reviewer left no comments

  186. Laura Norden

    This reviewer left no comments

  187. Aaron Cosenza

    I love my bonsai tree! Its so cute!

  188. David

    Well-packed, as pictured, and just w great overall experience.

  189. T.J.

    The bonsai came quickly and is in great condition! He's hanging out outside on my patio now. Excited to have a new plant buddy to care for! Thank you!

  190. Ashley

    Bought this for my friend as a birthday gift & he loved it !!

  191. Jenna Yanes

    A beautiful little tree!! This is a first bansai tree for us and we were so excited to have it arrive! It was wrapped so well that there were no issues with shipping. I am so impressed with this store!!!! Thank you so much!

  192. Alexandra Blasgen

    This reviewer left no comments

  193. yoshiweb

    I love it. It’s beautiful and was perfectly wrapped.

  194. Katherine Gregory

    A beautiful addition to our growing bonsai collection. This cute little tree arrived safely to our home.

  195. Adriana Kidon

    This reviewer left no comments

  196. Ricardo Saldivar

    Beautiful little bonsai. I imagined it somewhat bigger for some reason, but I am pleasantly surprised with it. I feel it’s a good value and I bought it as a gift for my wife because we’ve both always wanted one. So we both care for it. I truly appreciate the seller giving me care tips and will definitely come back to buy another for my office soon. I would also love to see a variety in the pots, but the one used is great too.

  197. Sedat OZDEN

    Great plant and even better customer service! Thanks a lot!

  198. Y K

    I ordered this bonsai tree as a gift for my brother and his wife. Very happy with the tree they chose to send — exactly what I was hoping for from the photos, in beautiful condition. It arrived right on time for his birthday, and they both loved it.
    The seller was helpful and quick to respond to queries, too. Highly recommended shop.
    Thank you again! 🙂

  199. kbystrak35

    This reviewer left no comments

  200. Hasnain

    This reviewer left no comments

  201. Steeve Azor

    This reviewer left no comments

  202. Marie Munoz

    This was a gift for my nephew and he loved it!

  203. Fiona

    Arrived beautiful and healthy! Exceeds expectations.

  204. Charlene Sexton

    My husband loved receiving this.

  205. DIANNA

    I love that it arrived in perfect condition.

  206. Kim

    This was a perfect gift. I will probably be ordering more! Love it! The packaging was amazing!

  207. Audrey Walden

    I love my bonsai tree

  208. Samantha

    Arrived well protected and looks beautiful!

  209. jbhadra

    I actually got it as a birthday gift for my best friend. She loves it! It was nicely packed and looked exactly like the picture!

  210. Leann Abad

    This reviewer left no comments

  211. Abby Apple

    Beautiful bonsai, packed perfectly. Highly recommended to all bonsai lovers. I will definitely recommend to my friends 👍🏻 And will buy again.

  212. William Durie-Poliwoda

    Shipped incredibly quickly, packaging was very secure. A lovely addition to my house plant collection

  213. Carol Thompson

    The tree arrived healthy and not damaged.
    The soil was moist .The tree actually arrived early than projected .

  214. Meaghan R

    Arrived healthy and beautiful! Extremely satisfied with service.

  215. Tyler T

    This reviewer left no comments

  216. Paige Griffin

    Absolutely beautiful

  217. mandybouley1

    Bought this for my husband and he loves it! The tree shipped to us well hydrated and beautiful.

  218. Kevin Roell

    This reviewer left no comments

  219. katharineboston

    Packaged perfectly! Very responsive from the seller. Above and beyond with this little tree.

  220. Josh

    Great quality and fast delivery. Can’t wait to watch it grow!

  221. Alejandra Laurel

    The Juniper Tree was so cute and came packaged very safely. Would (and will) buy again!

  222. Dennise Espinoza

    This reviewer left no comments

  223. Shayla Baker

    Came perfectly packaged and the soil still moist. My hsnand adore his new little bonsai!

  224. Kristin Bartlett

    I bought this for my husband’s birthday and he said it’s the favorite gift I’ve ever given him! The seller responded to some questions I had after I received the bonsai, with great care and detail. I recommend! 🙂

  225. aim4stars82

    Arrived on time and was wrapped extremely well. The tree looks healthy and was exactly as described by seller. My dad loved it!!

  226. Nicole

    This reviewer left no comments

  227. Sheena Wagner

    This reviewer left no comments

  228. Rafael Cervantes

    This reviewer left no comments

  229. dos

    This reviewer left no comments

  230. ljch6o9g

    This reviewer left no comments

  231. sobeida trinidad

    This reviewer left no comments

  232. Lexi Palmer

    Fast shipping, very careful packaging and adorable Bonsai. I love it!

  233. macy McCormick

    This reviewer left no comments

  234. Justine LaFountain

    My fiance loves it! It shipped quickly and was packaged perfectly! No stones fell out of place, no greenery fell off. All perfect! So happy!

  235. A.

    I ordered a 3 year old Juniper Bonsai Tree with humidity tray for my husband's birthday. It was packaged and wrapped carefully, and it arrived quickly without so much as a pebble out of place. It is beautiful, healthy and exactly as pictured. My husband loved it. Thank You!

  236. Kimberly Petersen

    The tree arrived in perfect condition and on time. It was a gift. I contacted the seller about care instructions and he was very helpful and told me if there was any more information I needed in the future he was more than willing to assist. Great experience.

  237. Pamela Markert

    I fell in love with my bonsai the moment I laid eyes on it. I messaged seller for care instructions and received prompt response. I’m thrilled! My first bonsai!

  238. Colin McLoud

    This reviewer left no comments

  239. Malia

    I’m so happy with this little bonsai. It’s so pretty and arrived in perfect condition. Love it so much 💕✨

  240. Jayson

    This reviewer left no comments

  241. Meredith A Murray

    It was a gift and they loved it!

  242. Jordyn Layne

    It was amazing! I gave it to my sister for her birthday and she loved it!

  243. Lori Lynn Lydell

    Ordered this as a birthday gift, just a little over a week before the day we needed it. It arrived in time and was packaged SO carefully! Arrived in perfect condition. Now we just have to figure out how to care for it!

  244. Robert Mopia

    packed well very good quality

  245. Tragedy D

    Really nice little tree. Arrived undamaged and looks just like the pictures

  246. porsha vela

    This reviewer left no comments

  247. Gayle Fagan

    Purchased the Bonsai tree for my husband for Father's Day. It shipped quickly and is so cute! My husband loves it! Shop owner has been great answering all my silly questions!

  248. Carlee M. Cunningham

    This reviewer left no comments

  249. Katie Trondson

    This reviewer left no comments

  250. Daniel Lynn Rios

    Great little tree. Fast delivery and looks just like the pictures.

  251. Anna Kurayev

    Very cute Bonsai tree. Love it 😍👍‼️

  252. Andrea Pavlecka

    Great quality! My husband loved his father's day gift!

  253. Michael Foley

    This reviewer left no comments

  254. Maria

    Adorable and incredibly well packaged, I hope it lives forever!

  255. Cassandra

    This reviewer left no comments

  256. Sheila

    This is such an adorable little plant! Grant has answered all my questions with patience and great knowledge. It shipped really fast and was wrapped so well I don’t think one single pebble fell out!

  257. Heather Kelly

    This reviewer left no comments

  258. Drake

    Came in great condition, beautiful little tree

  259. dapanessa

    This reviewer left no comments

  260. Korie

    This reviewer left no comments

  261. Chrissy St Marie

    This reviewer left no comments

  262. Ciera Rodriguez

    It was perfect and the person I gifted it to loves it! I was super worried about it getting damaged in shipping but it was well wrapped up and got to me unharmed. The box got a little dented but nothing on the tree!

  263. Heather Griffith

    This reviewer left no comments

  264. Erika

    it's so sweet. love it.

  265. Megan Hartman

    Came packaged very securely and exactly as pictured. Messaged seller for care tips and they were super quick to get back to me and very informative. Quick shipping too! Bought for my husband for Father's Day and he loves it!

  266. Jessie

    Shipped so fast, and it is in wonderful condition, packaged very well. Thank you!

  267. pyroteknick

    Just as described, will definitely order from again! Makes a perfect gift for anyone!

  268. Paola Caicedo

    I bought this for someone and was told that everything was perfect. They were very impressed by the wrapping and the fact that the note I sent looked very personal. Thank you for making this gift even better than I hoped for! Highly recommend.

  269. Danielle Shaffer

    Came quick and was packed extremely well. No complaints! I love it!

  270. A Saz

    Beautiful. Arrived safely and in great shape.

  271. eric spence

    Better than expected. Cheaper and better quality bonsai tree than I have bought anywhere else.

  272. Eve Wang

    This reviewer left no comments

  273. Samantha

    Arrived perfectly! Seller sent me care tips upon request which I’m grateful for!

  274. Remy

    Perfect! I’m so happy with it 🙂

  275. Alanah Barilla

    Amazing customer service!
    And of course a beautiful little bonsai tree!

  276. Taylor

    This reviewer left no comments

  277. Jess

    So far so good, packaged well..great customer service

  278. Ashley Barandiaran

    Happy with my purchase ! He’s such a cute little guy. Thank you for the safe packaging and care

  279. Virginia Cooper

    This reviewer left no comments

  280. Leslie

    I ordered this as a gift and he LOVES IT!! Great seller to deal with, answered all my questions, shipped quickly and perfect bonsai tree! Thank you so much!

  281. jhkli59

    I love my bonsai. It shipped quickly and the seller was wonderful.

  282. Cadedath Amira

    Perfect gift for my brother. I loved it so much I ordered myself one!

  283. wendy williams

    The tree came exactly as expected. Very fast shipping and delivery. Great price for product. I’m very impressed. Will order more from this shop.

  284. Brittany

    Love this bonsai! It was an early Father’s Day present for my husband and he LOVES it! It came quickly, was well packaged and super healthy! Love it!

  285. Kerry McLaughlin

    This reviewer left no comments

  286. hamunday1

    Just fabulous!!! Perfect packaging, super happy and healthy. Could not be more pleased. ❤️

  287. mmaccabee

    The plant arrived quickly and you can tell it was packed with great care. Love it!

  288. Michael Kurdilla

    Very well packaged, quick shipping, tree was in excellent condition. Highly recommend this seller.

  289. Ron Neifert

    Well packaged. Very happy with purchase and would recommend.

  290. PETER

    Really nice bonsai for the home office. Securely packaged. Five Stars. Thank you

  291. Jose Cervantes

    Great tree but didnt come with instructions on how to maintain it

  292. Dave Handy

    Fast shipping, planet looks great!

  293. Sara

    This reviewer left no comments

  294. Shannon D

    Fast shipping and tree arrived in great shape! I will be ordering again in the future. Thank you!

  295. Blake

    Beautiful plant. Well packaged, will buy from this seller in the future.

  296. Megan

    It was packaged so carefully it was like they were shipping a baby! Lol our Bonsai arrived in perfect condition and is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely would recommend.

  297. Danielle

    My friend loved this gift. It was packaged extremely carefully and the seller was very nice to work with. I will be shopping from him again!

  298. Laura Abellera

    Such an adorable bonsai, love it!

  299. Zeke

    Came SUPER fast, it can wrapped up in PERFECT conditions and the tree looks great

  300. Merglen Barabicho

    Bought as a gift. Delivered on time. My mom loves it!

  301. Lexi

    I absolutely love this. It is exactly like the picture and I thought it was going to come in in bad shape because of shipping but it’s still in perfect condition. The packaging was very secure. It was a little hard to unwrap but I would rather have it be secure. Great accent for my new apartment 🙂

  302. Michelle Ortiz

    This reviewer left no comments

  303. kssuch8b

    First, I have to say that what I received looked EXACTLY like the listing picture. I wonder if it’s the very same juniper bonsai!

    When buying a live plant online I think a primary concern is “Will it be alive when I get it? Will it be damaged in transit?”

    Well I can say that it was packaged with such care, that I have no doubts that it was definitely loved before I got it. I couldn’t ask for it to be packaged any better!

    So I am very pleased and will definitely be buying from this seller in the future. Thank you so much!!

  304. Riah

    Shipped super fast and in perfect condition!!

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