Large Snake Plant in 5″ Ceramic Pot


Live Snake Plant comes in purple (photo #4) or white (photo #5) 5″ ceramic pot with the perfect potting media to keep it happy.

Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria – these hardy babies are almost impossible to kill. Super tolerant to neglect and dark corners of the house. Snake Plant is known for its upright, sword-shaped leaves with all manner of variegation. This variety has mainly green leaves with large bands of bright yellow. These plants grow taller and bushier over time, making them the perfect plants to round out empty space in your home. Keep a keen eye on the soil line – new shoots will pop up regularly!

Snake Plant is very drought tolerant. It does best with regular watering, but doesn’t like things too wet either. Be sure to let top soil dry out a bit between watering – usually once per week. They do just fine in low light conditions, but grow best in bright, indirect light. Partial sun is A-0K! To keep your new Snake Plant happy and healthy, feed with a general purpose fertilizer during growing season.

Winterized shipping is included for tropical plants. We delicately wrap our plants in layers of insulating foam and include a 72+ hour heat pack when temperatures are low. Our commitment to excellence means we ship exclusively priority mail, as all live plants should be.

Pot Style

Purple Craters, White Ripples


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