2-3 Feet Tall Tea Plant in Stylish 1 Gallon Pot

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Grow your own tea! DIY Matcha powder! Green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and oolong tea all come from Camellia sinensis! This tropical weather loving mini-tree is also known as “tea plant”, “tea shrub”, and “tea tree” (not to be confused with Melaleuca alternifolia, the source of tea tree oil). Pick your own leaves – process and brew your own tea! Our stock of tea plants are of the sinensis variety, cultivated originally in Nepal. Growing Camellia sinensis at home is easy-peasy! They’re well adapted to a wide variety of growing conditions. Camellia sinensis prefers partial sun, high humidity, and regularly watered but not overly wet soil.

These tea plants are 2+ years old and approximately 24-35″ tall from the bottom of the pot (most are about 26″). They’re grown from bi-clonal seeds, a process which preserves the genetic integrity of the tea cultivar.

All pictures are of actual plants from our inventory. Most plants will not currently have flowers/fruit, but we will send fruiting plants if available. Blooms are elegantly fragrant!

This live Camellia sinensis tea plant will come potted with our high quality, in-house formulated tea soil in your choice of…

▲ Quart Trade Pot – 4.33×5″ – No added cost, as seen in the second to last photo. This option is best if you intend to repot them or plant them in the ground very soon. Most of these plants are overgrown for quart trade pots and will require a larger pot or to be planted in the near future to remain healthy.
✿ Ecoforms Nova – 6×5.5″ – Gallon trade pot size. Premium, eco-chic organic polymer pots made from renewable grain fibers. As seen in photos 3, 4, 5, and 10. Saucer and pine bark top-dressing included. Biodegradable over 5 years when kept outdoors. Fresh potting media, and space for the roots to grow for 1 or more years. A good choice if you plan on keeping the plant out of the ground, or in pots indefinitely. These eco-friendly pots are available in Coral Red, Ebony Black, Avocado Green, Harvest Yellow, Turquoise Blue (pictured), Tangerine Orange, White Sand Beige, Natural Light Brown, or Mocha Dark Brown. Specify your color choice in the order notes, or let us choose one for you!

Pot Size

Ecoforms Nova, Gallon, Quart

111 reviews for 2-3 Feet Tall Tea Plant in Stylish 1 Gallon Pot

  1. Alyssa Molinaro

    The plant is definitely on the taller end of the listed size range and was packed with so much care! Only 1 leaf fell off during shipping and the plant looks to be super healthy. It was quite root bound in its tiny nursery pot so I repotted it and gave it a drink. I'm so pleased and will definitely consider ordering from Bombotany again, thanks!

  2. Dustin Peterson

    This reviewer left no comments

  3. Michelle Graham

    Both the plant and the container arrived in great condition, and the plant looks beautiful. I can't wait to being enjoying its blooms.

  4. Will Griesbach

    So far the tea plant seems very healthy and disease free. I'm excited to see how it develops! The shipping box was in rough shape when it arrived, however the seller packed the plant so well that it was completely unscathed!

  5. Sophie Leonard

    Plant came alive in good condition

  6. Kryshondra Powell

    Plant was received quickly and in great condition as usual! Has already put on new leaves and branches! Will definitely order from here again.

  7. roguedollie69

    This reviewer left no comments

  8. Gretchen Reibsamen

    Wow it's gorgeous!! taller than I thought it would be the leaves are huge too the pot is smaller than I thought it would be. i would be I hope it can live in there for a while it seems small to me but maybe the nursery pots are really small. Regardless it's beautiful I checked it for pests and it looks perfectly clean! I ended up giving it a stake to help keep it straight as it grows.

  9. Jinks

    Arrived in great shape, growing beautifully

  10. Stephanie

    The plant was packaged and protected so well. It came very healthy and happy!

  11. Seth Roseman

    This reviewer left no comments

  12. byrnethau

    Arrived as promised. Safely planted and doing well.

  13. Monika Coyote

    This reviewer left no comments

  14. Dea Miyu Barghest

    Was just as described and that little eco-friendly pot and tray are to die for 🙂 I am absolutely going to replace all the plastics in my life with that if possible. My mom's new little tea plant sits under grow lights next to her tv so she can see it at all times.

  15. Kate McHugh

    This reviewer left no comments

  16. ambreenq

    Excellent quality and well packed – so excited for my tea plant!

  17. Jadyn

    as described! VERY well packaged!! thank you 💙

  18. civilheathen

    Great customer service. Great packaging and care so plants arrived in beautiful condition. Looking forward to purchasing more!

  19. Kay

    Beautiful plant, arrived timely and it is doing well I have allot of new leaves already. Would definitely buy more.

  20. Douglas

    This reviewer left no comments

  21. Denny Stamps

    Very beautiful plant, nearly a full 3' tall and well packaged

  22. Mel

    Tree came in lovely condition and seems to be fairly happy in the new temporary pot. Hoping to put him in a real pot this weekend. So excited to have a real tea tree, finally.

  23. Ashley Scibilia

    This reviewer left no comments

  24. Tina Nguyen

    My plant arrived beautiful and well packaging. At first I thought bought a fake plant, cause the leaf is so healthy and green, so perfect to be real plant, but is really real😆 I’m super satisfied and extremely recommended to everyone.

  25. Lucky Girl

    I already bought more! They’re packed well, and shipped quickly. Love love!

  26. Destiny

    My tea plant came so well packed that even with a rough journey that left the box bent(I was so worried when I saw that!), it only lost a a couple of leaves. It also wasn't dried out at all! Skip a few weeks of adjusting to the stress and transplanting and I have the beginnings of a big, beautiful bush! Highly recommend this seller!

  27. t0628t

    Plant is as pictured. It's taller than expected and came very well packaged for shipping.

  28. Dan Buddy

    I've repotted it and seems happy and healthy so far. Very impressed with the care in shipping this lovely, tall plant. Thanks!

  29. Kayla

    packaged very carefully and neatly! would shop here again

  30. Molly Magee

    Plant arrived quickly and in great shape. Very pleased

  31. Kursten Brewer

    Healthy and on time
    Thanks Grant & team

  32. Jamila Keba

    I love my tea plant!

  33. leixu19872016

    Camellia arrived in excellent condition with a heat pack and plus three layers of shredded papers, papers and foams. It’s very well secured. Thank you so much

  34. Jourdana Feliz

    This reviewer left no comments

  35. monica

    WOW..when I first took this out of the box I thought I accidentally bought a fake plant. This is a very healthy and strong tea plant, not one blemish on it. I will definitely by from this seller again!

  36. Beau Felix

    Awesome service, fast shipping, and my plant looks wonderful and healthy!

  37. Viridiana Grim

    This reviewer left no comments

  38. Bobbi

    Perfect! I am so excited about my new addition to my plant family! Can't wait to pick out a pot for him!

  39. onlytape

    fast shipping! arrived in great quality, well packed, only lost 4 leaves in transit & heat pack was still warm! love my little tea plant

  40. Emily Hadash

    Beautiful healthy plant. Will be buying from them again! Arrived fast and was well packaged.

  41. Lucy Lozano

    This reviewer left no comments

  42. Nicole Worman

    Amazing customer service. Answered all my questions. Thank you so much ! Beautiful healthy plant. I love it.

  43. Mariel

    My tea tree plant arrived in really good conditions. I was worried it might be beat up because of delivery, but it wasn’t at all. Owner is friendly and responsive, so I highly recommend them.

  44. Barbara Ward

    I couldn’t be happier with my order. It arrived well packaged with clear care instructions.

  45. Carina

    Took a while to ship due to a heatpack shortage, but still arrived within the estimated window. When I inquired to make sure there were no problems, I got a very helpful reply very quickly, and my plants shipped that Monday. Both plants were packed with great care, and were in such good condition I thought for a second they might be fake! One even had tiny flower buds!

  46. Tessa wolak

    Prior to my order I made an inquiry which was met with a prompt response. My questions were answered and I proceeded with my order. My plant arrived in great co diction and well packaged. It has become one of the favorites in my house! I look forward to watching it grow.

  47. Elyse Badal

    The tea plant is awesome! The packaging was impeccable and the hold for pick up option was great! I will definitely buy from here again.

  48. Copper Penny

    Great shipping and the plant is doing wonderfully so far. Looking forward to ordering more plants that are well-loved from this seller.

  49. I have no soup

    This reviewer left no comments

  50. kristintmurray

    Looks stunning and healthy on arrival! Quick turn around too

  51. Fight Hype

    Awesome plant with a bud that opened and flowered only a week after unboxing it

  52. John

    Feel like picture is not a good representation of the plant delivered. It was 18”+, but was just two twigs…there are better options for this price elsewhere.

  53. Vanessa North Dragojevic

    Seems great! I’ve had it for a couple of months and haven’t killed it yet. That’s a great sign. 😉

  54. Travis Heady

    I love my new beautiful, healthy camellia sinensis plant! I was so impressed by the packing job. The plant was wrapped with several neat layers of newspaper, foam and bubble wrap. There was even a little heat pack on the bottom. The attention to detail was very noticeable, I would definitely recommend this plant and seller to others.

  55. suakiana

    I'm so happy with my new tea plant. It was packed with a lot of care and arrived in amazing condition. It's a beautiful plant. I will definitely order more from this seller in the future!

  56. RASProf

    Delivered to my mom as a gift. Arrived in excellent condition as I expected and she loved it!

  57. icegds18

    It's beautiful!!!! Arrived upside down but the way they packaged it was great. Arrived in great condition.

  58. Eny Lanson

    This seller does not disappoint! Beautiful plants beautifully packed for safe shipping. Very happy with the quality and service!

  59. Jibing Lin

    These are good plants, arrived safely!

  60. Beau Woods

    This reviewer left no comments

  61. Rebecca Tobin

    Had this sent to my boyfriend for his birthday, and he said it arrived in perfect condition and was much bigger than he was expecting!

  62. Ada Rodz

    I received my tree today it is so beautiful,it is alive green and even blooming, it was well packed. They took good care of it. Also the shipping was very fast. I do recommend this seller.

  63. Anthony

    It came healthy. It was recently moved to a larger container (before shipping) and was clearly root bound in the previous pot. I untangled the roots and re-planted. The plant is otherwise healthy.

  64. Deborah Hunter

    Very nice plants and packed well. No issues with this order.

  65. glitznglimmer434

    This reviewer left no comments

  66. OrlandoMomma2

    This reviewer left no comments

  67. Max Falkowitz

    Arrived healthy, well pruned, and cleverly packaged. Already excited for the spring growing season.

  68. anetaf

    Thank you for the quick shipment and great packaging! Plant looked great upon arrival!

  69. Eny Lanson

    This seller is A-MAZ-ING!!!! Plant is gorgeous and arrived in perfect shape! Very happy!!

  70. jo

    This reviewer left no comments

  71. Phung

    They are the best packer! Not a leave could get damaged and shipping was fast…

  72. ossifiedscrabblebat

    Great plant, was well packaged and arrived quickly. Excited to see what it's like to grow tea plants.

  73. David

    I received the larger tea plant in excellent condition and was impressed with the way it was packaged. I hope to start processing a small amount of tea as soon as next year.

  74. IvoryNDN

    These were gifts for my husband, and he is very pleased with the health and size of the plants. Packaging was ideal- nothing was damaged.

  75. Pema McLaughlin

    The plant arrived in good condition and showing new growth!

  76. sarahnft1

    This reviewer left no comments

  77. Ryan Finkbiner

    Lovely plant. Very healthy!

  78. Judy Ephriam

    Super happy with my purchase! The tea plant arrived safely and beautifully packaged. It was very healthy and lively! Can't wait to have some home made tea!

  79. Martha

    Very impressed with how well they were packaged…they were not mistreated at all!

  80. Mary

    This reviewer left no comments

  81. Tea Pet

    He's perfect. His name is Tiberius T. Plant and he arrived very healthy! He is thriving, green, and beautiful. I've already recommended friends to buy their first tea plant from Bombotany!

  82. Laura Parada

    This reviewer left no comments

  83. Madeline Dor

    Tree came in great shape. The packaging is amazing. Already sprouted new leaves after 2-3 weeks.

  84. Angel McKenna

    This reviewer left no comments

  85. Bree Westphal

    Our tea plant arrived quickly and in great shape! Grant has been immensely helpful with expert advice and reassurance! We're very excited for our new plant.

  86. Katie Pham

    This plant at first came with a few leaves, but then with love and care, it came to be such a beautiful plant with gorgeous leaves. I have posted both before and after picture.

  87. Susanna Phillips

    Just received these today. I was worried about ordering plants through the mail, but they arrived very well packaged and in great condition. Thank you all for taking the time and the care!

  88. Elizabeth

    Appears in good shape, shipped safely.

  89. Nichole Beauchesne

    Amazing so well packed not Even a single bruise leave all the soil was intact I am so impressed

  90. Andrew Garcia

    Plant came in good condition. Well packaged

  91. Sarah Grangier

    This reviewer left no comments

  92. Rob Craft

    the plant arrived fast and in great condition. once i planted my leaves started to turn a bronze, but that may be due to too much direct sunlight? I'm still learning.

  93. Cary Putnal

    Arrived Alive and Well. As advertised.

  94. Jake

    Pictured is the beautiful Camellia Sinensis, after a week of rehabilitation following shipment. Already shown a couple mm of bud growth. Robust, deep green leaves, not leggy at all. Seller even apically pruned it already. An extremely healthy, high quality plant, clearly grown with care. Comes in a 1gal pot with a compact root ball and about 2cm room for root growth. I found the original soil a bit too retentive, so I replanted in a larger container with pumice, bark, and acidic fertilizer. When I received it, the lower leaves were slightly yellow, probably bc the roots were moist for a long time during shipment. The plant otherwise seems fundamentally healthy. The box was split open in transit, but the plant was well padded with shredded newspaper and arrived ok. I will happily buy more plants from this store in the future.

  95. alessandrashaw20

    Came in great condition! Can’t wait to give this as a Father’s Day present to a tea lover!!

  96. Cure Pop Shoppe

    This reviewer left no comments

  97. Jess E.Hu

    She came in perfectly. Beautifully wrapped. The person who delivered her put the tea plant upside down but she was unharmed.

  98. Michele Haider-Markel

    This reviewer left no comments

  99. Teri and Brian

    Beautiful plants – very very well packaged. Can't wait to harvest and make myself a cup of tea!

  100. Hannah DeLoe

    My lovely Camellia is potted and thriving now!! I'm getting some acidic plant food for the plant and drainage stuff too- please let me know if you have any other tips on how to best raise my new baby plant! 🙂

  101. finchbird

    I’m so happy to have my new plant! I definitely need to repot it ASAP as the pot was rather squished in transit but aside from that and one crunched leaf, it came in amazing condition and it’s very healthy.

  102. Jamie’s Junque

    Arrived in great packaging and growing well! Thank you.

  103. Yu Liu

    Just received the tea plant. It looks heathy! Hope I can grow my favorite tea !

  104. Elyse

    Bought 2 plants, both arrived in great condition! Wrapped in shredded paper and then plain wrapping paper. Keeps the trees from being smashed. Both arrived early and ready to go. Highly recommend!

  105. Holly Payton

    Grant has been so absolutely wonderful to me. My sweet little Coffee (named by my daughter), the Royal Tea Tree of House Payton, arrived 12 days late thanks to the USPS, and he was more than willing to listen to me whine the entire time about how worried I was that it wouldn't make it.

    BUT to my surprise, Grant's magical, scientific madness worked and Coffee made it safe and sound.

    It was perfectly packaged. Wrapped in layer after layer of newspaper whole and newspaper shredding in a comfortable box. Every part of the plant was supported completely, all the way down to the rootball. I was floored by the care taken.

    Grant, thank you for bringing me my Beloved plant. It is a bucket list wish for me. THAT is why it is so special for me to receive it.

    Homemade white tea…here we come!

  106. Nathan Hiss

    This reviewer left no comments

  107. Lee André Agersten

    Love my new tea tree!! A little smaller than the picture, but that's okay. Would buy again

  108. Ali

    Arrived great, nice looking plant, excellent service!

  109. Christopher

    So fast and carefully shipped! Thanks!

  110. Taylor Mellon

    Amazing! Just like the picture. Thank you!

  111. Alley Nelson

    Overall pleased with the purchase.
    The shipping was slightly an issue in terms of follow through with dates but was made up for by open communication with seller. The container was damaged so I will have to repot which needs additional planning but the plant itself was still intact. I would purchase again under different circumstances.

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