Live East African Orchid Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta

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Arrives between 2021/06/13 - 2021/06/22

Live Aerangis orchid plant is blooming size but is NOT currently flowering.

This is easy-growing Kenyan orchid prefers conditions similar to Phalaenopsis, making it an excellent beginner’s collectible orchid. Blooms are tiny little gems with adorable red-orange anther caps in the center. This orchid plant is hardy, and has long-lasting and fragrant blooms.

Live orchid plants from Bombotany come in the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy.

This Aerangis orchid is available in your choice of…

▲ 3″ Nursery Pot – No added cost, typically as pictured above, but can vary in shape, color, and material.
➽ Classic Red Clay Terracotta Pot – Time-tested and used by orchid professionals everywhere, terracotta pots offer enhanced balance of breathability and moisture retention.

Photo #1 credit Ramon de los Santos
Photo #2 credit Bryon Rinke


Nursery, Terracotta

4 reviews for Live East African Orchid Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta

  1. Laura Nolder

    Arrived in very good condition! Very happy with my purchase!

  2. Karen

    Beautiful orchid, arrived in great shape. Have already mounted it. Would definitely buy from this seller again.

  3. jackysb2

    Beautiful orchid! Can’t wait to get a spike!

  4. letharushing1

    This reviewer left no comments

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