Live Fragrant Orchid Laeliocattleya Cornelia

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Live Laeliocattleya orchid plant is blooming size but is NOT currently flowering.
*Plant received may be a little smaller than listing photos

Laeliocattleya Cornelia is a compact growing intergeneric hybrid between the genera Cattleya and Laelia. The highly fragrant Cattleya style flowers on this gorgeous little plant grow in thick and brightly pink colored!

Live orchid plant comes in a 5″ nursery pot with the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy. Also available in 5″ net pots for maximum aeration.



Net Pot, Nursery, Organic Polymer, Terracotta

2 reviews for Live Fragrant Orchid Laeliocattleya Cornelia

  1. jolanta kobylarz

    Thank you! Nicely shipped, warm pack helped a lot! My orchid bloom is intact and still blooming, pleasantly fragrant!

  2. Jenna Yanes

    This was a big and wonderful plant. I had to rate less than a 5 for my cattleyas because they arrived with all dead roots. I have been able to keep them alive so far, and I think my rehabilitation efforts will not go unrewarded. I am just hopeful right now to be able to see them grow roots during their next growth period! The flower did open but I had to cut the flower spike because I needed the plant to focus its energy on making roots, and the spike was sagging from dehydration.

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