Live Orchid Brassocattleya Yellow Bird

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Live Brassocattleya orchid plant is blooming size but is NOT currently blooming.

The Brassocattleya hybrid is a cross between Brassavola and Cattleya that results in uniquely slender petals on a Cattleya style flower. Splendid! This is a miniature variety – these tiny little plants will produce large and gorgeous bright yellow flowers.

This Brassocattleya Yellow Bird orchid is available in your choice of…

▲ 3″ Nursery Pot – No added cost, can vary in shape, color, and material.
✿ Classic Red Clay Terracotta Pot – Time-tested and used by orchid professionals everywhere, terracotta pots offer enhanced balance of breathability and moisture retention.

Live orchid plants from Bombotany come in the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy.


Ecoforms, Nursery, Organic Polymer, Terracotta

5 reviews for Live Orchid Brassocattleya Yellow Bird

  1. Roni

    I love the quality of Bombotany Orchids. I will try to order from them when they have what I want.

  2. Anna Welton

    Packaged well, plant arrived safely and looks healthy. Crossing my fingers for some new growths soon.

  3. Evan McEwing

    Brilliantly packaged with TONS of healthy roots. Will for sure buy from this vendor again!

  4. Dusty Connelly

    Great packaging, beautiful plant. Can’t wait until it blooms.

  5. Mike

    Very nice plant well wrapped and arrived great

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