Live Orchid Maxillaria tenuifolia – The Coconut Orchid

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Arrives between 2021/06/13 - 2021/06/22

Live Maxillaria orchid plant is blooming size, but is not currently blooming.

Bring the tropics into your home with Maxillaria tenuifolia’s sweet coconut-scented red blooms!

Live orchid plants from Bombotany come in the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy.

This Maxillaria orchid is available in your choice of…

▲ Nursery Pot – No added cost – can vary in shape, color, and material.
✿ Classic Red Clay Terracotta Pot – Time-tested and used by orchid professionals everywhere, terracotta pots offer enhanced balance of breathability and moisture retention.
✿ Organic Rice Hull Polymer Pot – Premium, eco-chic organic polymer pots made from renewable grain fibers. Saucer included. Biodegradable over 5 years when kept outdoors. These eco-friendly pots are available in Coral Red, Ebony Black, Avocado Green, Harvest Yellow, Mocha Dark Brown, or Hot Pink. Specify your color choice in the order notes, or let us choose one for you!

Photo #1 credit Jason R. Mills


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7 reviews for Live Orchid Maxillaria tenuifolia – The Coconut Orchid

  1. Loretta M Grantham

    I buy lots of plants on line, this was by far the best.
    Reasonable price, free shipping, incredible care in packing, a heat pack AND a perfect little, beautiful plant.
    If I could give it 10 stars, I would.
    BTW, the plant was shipped cross country. :}

  2. Ging Piagoda

    thank you, got it today, in an excellent condition.

  3. maikeh97

    Lovely orchid. Shipping package was amazing. It was clear love and attention went in getting this orchid to it’s new home

  4. Randy

    Looks strong and healthy, I can see new growth. Very pleased 😊

  5. okiesarah

    This reviewer left no comments

  6. twoleggedgrazer

    Arrived quickly, lovingly packaged- by far the healthiest orchid I've ever gotten online. Nice, fat psuedobulbs and no root rot or dessication. 10/10!

  7. Evan Klein

    Healthy plant and shipped quickly

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