Live Orchid Oncidium (Tolumnia) Kalapana Red


Live Oncidium/Tolumnia orchid plant is NOT currently spiking or blooming.

Though this orchid is very small, it IS blooming size! This orchid’s flowers are gargantuan compared to its foliage.

These mini orchids are available mounted to wine corks in a 2″ plastic nursery pot or in a 2.5″ terracotta pot.


Orchids are native to tropical climates, and generally do best around 65 to 80 degrees. Weatherized shipping is included with all our plants whenever required. We delicately wrap our live plants in layers of sheet foam and include a hour heat pack when temperatures are low. However, we make no guarantees that our tropical plants will survive extreme freezing temperatures. It’s the duty of the buyer to open packages immediately upon arrival. Our commitment to excellence means we ship exclusively express methods, usually USPS Priority 1-3 day, as all live plants should be. Consider having your order Held for Pickup, or delayed during extreme weather – just send us a note with your order.


2.5" Terracotta, 2" Nursery, Wine Cork Mounted


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