Orchids Mystery Box – 3 Orchids (see description)

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Are you an orchid aficionado? Do you struggle to decide which beautiful orchids you want in your home? The Mystery Box includes THREE (3) random flowering or nonflowering orchids (your choice)! Take advantage of your indecision, and score our popular orchids at a discounted price.


~ By choosing “From active listings” you will only ever receive orchids that are listed in our shop *at the time of your purchase* – take a look around to make sure you’ll be happy with your order!
~ By choosing “True mystery!” we will send you plants that may or may not be listed in our shop at the time of your purchase.
~ Listing pictures are a random sampling of orchids that we’ve had in the past – they may or may not be currently available.
~ The nonflowering option will always include blooming size plants.
~ The flowering option will include plants in flower, but may be in stages from medium spike to open blooms.
~ The mixed option will include 1 flowering plant and 2 nonflowering (blooming size) plants.
~ Plants will be in any combination of 2″, 3″, 4″, or 5″ nursery pots – this typically varies by genus.
~ They will be gorgeous!

If you have specific requests, don’t be afraid to let us know. I.e. “No miniatures, please”, “Preference for Dendrobiums”, etc. We’ll always do our best to accommodate given our inventory constraints.

Rest assured, we’ll always check your order history with our shop to make sure we don’t send you repeats, but let us know if there are specific plants you want to make sure we don’t send.

Choice of Growth Stage

Flowering, Mixed, Non-flowering

Choice of Inventory

From active listings, True mystery!

40 reviews for Orchids Mystery Box – 3 Orchids (see description)

  1. Jennifer

    Fantastic! Ordered for a friend for Christmas and the order was very exacting, she loved the orchids and the fact that they were all ones she didn't have already! Seller took extra attention to the special request and I can't say how much both my friend and I appreciate it.

  2. Jo-Ann Hutchings

    sister loves the mystery box of orchids.

  3. Jo-Ann Hutchings

    Received ochids in good shape, as usual. Reccomend to anyone .

  4. Christina Nguyen

    The orchids are stunning and very healthy. They were packages so well not a single flower had fallen off during shipping. Will be purchasing from again in the future.

  5. Ann Dahl

    The items was in good shape when arrived. Two had flowers in bloom and the third one has a flower spike, not in bloom. The plants are in good health. Am pleased with the purchase.

  6. Yai

    Thank you for the excellent communication and taking the time to answer my questions even when they may seem common sense as I want to give my new beautiful babies the best chance to thrive! Orchids were as expected and I couldn’t be happier. Carefully packaged and labeled! Thank you! Will definitely make this shop my to go to when buying orchids for myself or as gifts! Very happy!!

  7. Michelle Graham

    All three plants arrived in great shape and looked healthy. I ordered the mixed package and the orchid in bloom was lovely. I can't wait for the other two to bloom!

  8. Cori Beaverson

    If your considering the mystery box, GO for it! Very impressed and these orchids arrived in perfect condition! Thanks

  9. Kate Sandnes

    Ordering the mystery box was so much fun! I really enjoyed getting a surprise and getting the non flowering set, I get the additional surprise of seeing the blooms later! The orchids arrived in good condition and were only in transport for a day! I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future!

  10. missticla

    These plants came perfectly packed! I was so surprised and excited to see how healthy and amazing they all were! I've recommended you to everyone I know! Grant was also great at communicating with me after my purchase when I asked him for tips. Can't wait to purchase again!

  11. Ging Piagoda

    Arrived on time, healthy and good condition. Looking forward for more. Thank you.

  12. Cassandra Chan

    I am SO happy a friend recommended the mystery box from Bombotany!! Not only did the orchids arrive healthy and beautiful, but working with customer service to request fragrant orchids was a treat. I love how excited they were to share their plants 😀 The mps. lycaena stamperland orchid came with two spikes, and the other two, epy. serena o'neill 'volcano queen' and den. country girl 'warabeuta', have great new growth. To top it all off, I love that their packaging is reused and recyclable. What a great company and excited to place my next order!

  13. Mariah Murphy

    I am so so so happy with my orchids!! They shipped SUPER fast and we’re here within a day. Unfortunately, because the shop required that they be held for pickup, I had to wait a day to get them because the UPS store closed before I got out of work. But that small annoyance aside (and I understand the reason), these orchids were in AMAZING condition. They certainly didn’t look like they’d been shipped. They all had crazy good roots and tons of growth. Not only that, but I ordered the ‘mixed’ box, which is 1 in spike and 2 not, but they send me 2 that are in spike! The packing was impeccable, the plants are healthy, and they were all labeled. I received an oncidium, miltonopsis, and epidendrum. I can’t wait to order again! I already told a bunch of friends to check them out. You won’t be disappointed if you order from here!

  14. Sucheta De

    It’s clear from the care of the packaging that these orchids are well loved. I ordered the mystery box in bloom and they all came with either flower stalks or flowers. I’ve already recommended the shop to other orchid lovers!

  15. Christine Bromberek

    Thank you for the orchids and the helpful information

  16. luluinc7

    How fun is a mystery box!! I had three orchids sent; one I planned to give as a gift. I emailed the shop to share some thoughts on what I was after, and wow!!! Such kind, thoughtful customer service! I couldn’t be more please with my orchids, the care put into shipping, and the knowledgeable service I received! Thanks so much!!!

  17. Tyler Bunting

    This reviewer left no comments

  18. mgudejko

    Very happy with this purchase, all of the plants were packaged very well and look beautiful.

  19. Ambrose

    The 3 orchids I received were beautiful!

  20. Amara Pouv

    This was bought as a gift and the seller was very communicative and accommodating to requests. Would buy again.

  21. Turin

    I opted for blooming orchids only, and boy, did they arrive perfectly! The way Bombotany ships prevents any issues–all of my blooms were perfect.

    I received a mini snowflake dendrobium, a rappa nui dendrobium, and then a Howard's Dream Orchid. Roots look beautiful, too. 10/10 will continue to buy from this seller.

  22. soi sarner

    They all look great healthy. https://youtu.be/VwfHjxODNPE

  23. Cole Williamson

    This reviewer left no comments

  24. Selina

    Fast delivery, packaged with care, very responsive, and excellent plants! Will shop again for sure.

  25. Tyler Bunting

    This reviewer left no comments

  26. James Tate

    The 3 flowering orchid package is da bomb. I’m a sucker for instant gratification and this did not disappoint. Came in perfect condition with buds/flowers intact. Made another order immediately. I’m gonna be a star for the holidays!

  27. Ann Maree Merrick

    Turned up in perfect condition!

  28. Jessica Thomas

    This reviewer left no comments

  29. Becky Coats

    BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS! Despite the heat, these plants survived and boy am I pleased! Thank you, Bombotany, yet again for lovely choices in my mystery box! This might be my favorite way to get plants now. The anticipation for what might be chosen for me adds to the thrill of getting healthy, new orchids to add to my thriving collection from Bombotany, my favorite orchid nurser hands down.

  30. Clams

    Lovely lovely lovely! Perfect shipping and quality. Amazingly responsive customer care and my orchids are lovely. I ultimately decided on the mix of flowering and not and I’m so excited to see them bloom! I already have my flowering orchid blooming and I can wait to see the spikes on the others.

  31. Joan Lawrence

    All three orchids have beautiful flowers. They arrived well-protected and carefully packed.

  32. Celeste

    Bought this as a birthday present for my mom. I left a note asking Grant to find something special. He sent an orchid which bore my mom's name. Thank you for that, Grant! Will definitely order from this shop again.

  33. Debra O'Neil

    I received primarily Dendrobiums in the mystery box. I absolutely adore the Alceara! Unfortunately, USPS took 9 days to get the shipment delivered even coming by Priority Mail from PA to NC. Hopefully, the plants will not be too shocked from their ordeal.
    PS : The root system in the Volcano Queen plant was minimal and the plant was basically sitting on top of the medium but the plant is adorable.
    The seller was very responsive when I made a contact wondering what was the delay.

  34. sylvia castaneda

    Love them thank you so much!

  35. Molly Springs

    So pleased with the beautiful, blooming healthy orchids I received! Seller even accommodated a request for a specific orchid I have been wanting. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  36. Maria Zamorano

    This reviewer left no comments

  37. starnaito

    It was fun opening up the mystery box and finding these miniature beauties inside! This is a great idea for people like me who want to grow their collection but can't decide which orchids to get! 🙂

  38. Melissa

    I rcvd Dendrobuim "Thongchai Gold"; Howeara "Lava Burst" and a Paphiopedilum Greyi. I love surprises and I am over the moon with what I was sent. I did go through the shops current inventory before I purchased the Mystery package to make sure I would be ok with what I possibly would get, but at the same time the owner took my simple requests into consideration, which I appreciate greatly. The Howeara was on my wish list "didn't tell shop owner this", I have never owned a Paph and her bud is just about to burst open "very exciting". The Den is crawling out of her pot "good sized plant" and even though the color is described as a golden yellow, it really does have a green cast over that yellow which I LOVE.

    I do plan on getting another of these mystery boxes down the road and I highly suggest it if you like surprises too.

  39. Mike

    The orchids were great and the shipping excellent

  40. Becky Coats

    Dendrobium Emma White "Chadwick," Beallara Tahoma Glacier "Ithon," and Oncidium Sharry Baby "Sweet Fragrance:" these are the beautiful, healthy orchids I received today in my "mystery box." The Emma White is blooming and the other two have well developed spikes. The Sharry Baby spike is over 2 feet long! I am pleased yet again with the quality of plants, the packaging, and the quick transport. The medium was still moist for all 3 plants, roots were healthy and pseudobulbs plump, leaves thick and without any discoloration. Thank you, Grant and Laura! Your special care yet again has led to a very happy customer!

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