Starter Orchid Dendrobium lindleyi (aggregatum)

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Live Dendrobium orchid plant is not yet blooming size, but has a bright future ahead!

Dendrobium lindleyi (formerly aggregatum) are bright-light loving southeast Asian orchids that produce show-stopping sprays of golden blooms. Flowers are wide, dainty, and form a beautiful pendant when left un-staked. This gorgeous collectors orchid is fragrant, and grows a dense bush of portly pseudobulbs in what looks like a sort-of porcupine form! Does well mounted, in baskets, and in pots. Flowers easily when exposed to cool temperatures and given a winter rest period with little to no water.

Bombotany founder, Grant Polton, first fell in love with tropical horticulture when he inherited a small Dendrobium lindleyi from his grandfather – photos 1-3 are of that actual plant – so we couldn’t be more excited to have this plant in stock!

Live orchid plant comes in a 2″ nursery pot with the perfect potting media to keep your new friend happy and healthy. Also available in terracotta pots.


Nursery, Organic Polymer, Terracotta

4 reviews for Starter Orchid Dendrobium lindleyi (aggregatum)

  1. Gabrielle Reynolds

    Healthy little orchid, as described and well packed. Very happy. I look forward to it maturing and eventually flowering.

  2. Adeline McAdams

    My baby orchid was packed meticulously and even with a heat pack. When I opened the box, it was warm. I’m very grateful and happy to see my baby orchid even though it’s quite a bit smaller than I expected but it looks very healthy and strong. Now it’s my job to make it flourish! Thank you!

  3. manju nath

    This reviewer left no comments

  4. Jacqueline mccoy

    It's so cute and adorable!!

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