Our secret?

We care – a lot.

We’ve shipped hundreds upon hundreds of flowering orchids and tropical houseplants straight through the coldest days of winter. We’ve never lost a plant to the cold.

Looking for proof? Check out our glowing etsy page, where we have no control over the reviews.

So what goes into our shipping process?

First and foremost, we don’t charge you a dime. We make it simple, and we cover the logistics of shipping from start to finish.

We ship live plants using express methods, typically USPS Priority Mail, or sometimes UPS Ground, which means they get to you in 1-5 days, and they’re automatically insured up to $50 or more. Some other plant web-stores are willing to charge you for 10-15 day shipping, which we find just ridiculous. Shipping is traumatic enough, especially if a plant is flowering. Plants begin to shut down in the dark. Light is the energy source that plants use to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy, foliage, and flowers! If that process shuts down, a plant is likely to prioritize surviving over growing. That means blasted buds, wilted leaves, and stunted growth.

Why USPS? Well, for starters, we only ship within the states! Who better than America’s postal service? In truth, statistics show USPS is responsible for over 60% of e-commerce packages. They know what they’re doing, and their distribution network doesn’t stop over the weekend. Their extensive network of offices means you’ll have the option of somewhere safe and familiar to hold plants for pickup. Their retail network is bigger than Walmart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks combined.

How do we wrap your plants? Extremely. Carefully. We begin by staking larger flower spikes straight up, so they have support and won’t snap during delivery (you can adjust to your preference later). Then we’ll cling wrap the pot to combat dehydration – a battle we win all winter and all summer long. Structural support comes next. Your new plant pal will be surrounded with padding (shredded paper, usually), and wrapped into a paper cone strong enough that it could be grabbed by the top and turned upside down with no worries at all. If the forecast is especially hot/cold at either our post office or yours, we’ll wrap your friend in layers of insulating sheet foam for that extra bit of thermal stability. Finally, if the weather dips below 45° F, we’ll include a free 72+ hour heating pack which lasts long enough to see your plant through to your windowsill. No extra hassle on your part!

Here comes our favorite bit. Every package we send can stand up to our two tests:

The Upside Down Test

Everything will be so securely packaged that your plant can be turned upside down, sideways and any other ways you can think of. Every bit of void in the package will be filled, and your plant will be wrapped up so tight it won’t be able to budge or beg for mercy!

The Drop-kick Test

You heard us right. The Drop-kick Test. No, we won’t drop kick your plant! We used trained stunt-plants to test our packaging. It’s an unfortunate eventuality that some of our packages will be dropped, kicked, and tossed around while in transit – such is the nature of third party carriers. You can bet your bottom bud that your precious baby plant won’t notice if they are… drop-kicked.


We do our absolute best when packing your plant friends, and we’re very proud of our 98% success rate. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of live plant items, except in the case that the item has been deemed damaged or defective upon arrival. Due to the nature of shipping with third party carriers, we can’t guarantee that flowers/spikes will arrive in perfect condition. Packages are insured, and we’re happy to help you work out a solution with the carrier in the event of a damaged package. For more info, see our Return Policy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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