Juniper Procumbens 'Nana' Bonsai Tree in Traditional Ceramic - 3-4 Years Old


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Juniper Procumbens is a dwarf Japanese Juniper with bright green growth that blues slightly as it ages. Technically a shrub, this trained bonsai tree is sought after by houseplant enthusiasts everywhere. Juniper Procumbens - the plant most of us picture when someone mentions bonsai. Trouble free and easy to care for, Juniper Procumbens 'Nana' is a very popular and well adapted houseplant variety that prefers moist and humid conditions, making for a great beginner bonsai tree.

✿ 3-4 years old & approximately 5-6" height
✿ Traditional style hand crafted glazed ceramic bonsai pot
✿ Accent mineral from assorted obsidian varieties
✿ Premium red lava rock top dressing
✿ Fertilizer (Fert) and Humidity Tray Add-ons available, more below

The Tree

Our Juniper bonsai trees have been trained into assorted styles so they're ready for your TLC and future creative input! Most trees will be "windswept" or "upright" as seen in photos, but we can also accommodate any special requests, e.g. "cascade".

All trees come top dressed with fine decorative gravel (premium red lava rock) and an accent mineral (typically Snowflake Obsidian, Firework Obsidian, or Apache Tears Obsidian). Accent minerals are not only beautiful, they're also useful for checking on soil moisture without disturbing the top dressing.

Snowflake and Firework Obsidian are relatively rare forms of volcanic glass that display interesting white to red patterns. They're variations of Obsidian formed when volcanic lava cools more slowly than normal, allowing the formation of needle-shaped cristobalite, a type of quartz crystal. Some collectors believe these minerals have healing, calming, and soothing spiritual properties. Apache Tears are a form of obsidian found embedded in cooled lava flows alongside gray perlite. Legend says that Apache Tears are the fallen tears of the wives of perished Apache warriors, turned to stone upon hitting the ground.

Your choice of traditional glazed ceramic bonsai pot, each one measuring approximately 5x4x2". Pot colors are rotating, so only colors in the drop down menu are currently available, however the "Surprise me!" option may include pots not pictured on this listing. Please embrace slight differences in color/shape as these pots are hand-crafted.

The Add-ons

💧 For an even happier and healthier plant, we strongly recommend the use of a humidity tray. Our 6.5x4.75" polymer humidity trays as seen in photos #1 and #3 are Black Pearl color and come with the perfect amount of river pebbles. Humidity trays are meant to be filled with water on a regular basis. The evaporating water increases ambient humidity to your tree's foliage. Use of river pebbles speeds up the evaporation rate, making for an even more effective setup. Humidity trays are also useful for catching runoff when you water your new bonsai plant pal!

🧪 Add professional grade bonsai fertilizer granules directly from this listing to save $6 off our standard pricing! Natural/organic bonsai fertilizer promotes growth of symbiotic mycorrhizae fungus resulting in healthier bonsai trees - our fertilizer is actually inoculated with Mycorrhizae propagules! Chemical fertilizers kill off beneficial bacteria, fungus, and insects that keep bonsai trees thriving. 4-4-4 NPK formulation, 5oz bag.

We also offer our untrained pre-bonsai plants in 4" plastic nursery pots *which do not come with a top dressing or accent mineral* in case you have your own pot picked out at home or have your own artistic vision for starting with a blank-slate.

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This bonsai plant does best around 60 to 75 degrees and 60%+ humidity, but is also hardy down to 15°F, and can handle -30°F during transit without any issues. We guarantee live arrival year-round; heat packs are not necessary.

Juniper Support

🌵 The Most Glorious Juniper Care Guide You Never Knew You Needed 🌵

TL;DR 6+ hours bright light, consistently moist soil, >60% humidity

What's normal?
• Wet contents (we do this on purpose, Juniper loves humidity)
• The typical procumbent "bald spot" hump for which Juniper Procumbens is named (new foliage typically fills this in over time)
• Unpleasant-to-the-touch foliage (this is a conifer, like Christmas trees!)
• Dead foliage low/central in the canopy, part of the natural growth process - time to grab your pruning snips!
• Orange-brown tips - these are sometimes pinecones and other times an indication of branching foliage
• Dark blue-green to bright lime-green foliage

What's not normal? (Message us with pics ASAP)
• Brittle/crunchy foliage which falls off easily when touched
• Large amounts of gray, orange, or yellow foliage
• Trunk looks like a jerky stick

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