Bom (/bäm/) loosely derivative of the Portuguese adjective Bom (/bõ/), meaning "Good".

Or, if you ask our customers, it's because we're "the bomb" 😋

Botany (/ˈbät(ə)nē/) - Plant life, or the scientific study of plants.


We care about quality

We set a very high bar when it comes to quality -- higher than industry standard. We're consistently able to deliver plants of a caliber that continue to create raving fans and overwhelmingly positive reviews. Our third-party marketplace reviews speak for themselves!

Shopping for living things online can be uneasy at best, which makes it hard for vendors like us to build trust. That's why we're picky when it comes to what plants we're willing to send. That means we deliver healthy plants and potting media with life left in it to your doorstep. If you disagree, we make it right.


A local company

Bombotany is a boutique indoor plant company run by a few real people. We're not a huge garden center that peddles truckloads of imported plants. Many of our plants are grown in our suburban Florida greenhouse! Many of our orchids are imported from our Hawaiian sister nurseries. All our plants are reared in the USA.


Focused on nature

We're always looking for creative solutions to keep our impact on the Earth to a minimum. That's why many of our pottery lines are made from long-term biodegradable material like rice fiber!

All of our packaging materials and inserts are reused, recycled, or recyclable (be sure to check local restrictions).

Part of every purchase is invested in environmental sustainability projects -- namely, carbon emissions offsets. Learn more about what we're investing in here.

Our Team

While we do have quite a bit of help from our colleagues, family, friends, and favorite clients – you can count on all customer service and order fulfillment to be taken care of by the two of us.

We work hard to provide you the highest quality collection of rare and interesting plants

Our dedication is to floriculture – horticulture more specifically concerned with flowering and ornamental plants. Orchids are at the heart of our mission on the internet – they’re gorgeous, fantastically unique, and deeply enriching to take care of. There’s something beautiful and cathartic about tending to a plant that, after all your pain-staking care, rewards you with some of the most precious flowers on our green Earth. Rare genera orchids, bonsai, and tropical foliage have always been customer favorites, so you can count on interesting varieties coming through our web store all the time! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for upcoming features from our greenhouse, give-aways, and news about when we plan to hit the Space Coast markets.

Our Company

Bombotany is more than just an indoor gardening web-store. We’re a small, ragtag team of gardening enthusiasts – and we’re here to offer valuable, informative content to the indoor gardening world. We’re here to help you learn how to nurse your plants back to health, teach you something new about plant care, and keep you up to date on the latest trends taking the horticultural stage.

Why? Because we love botany just as much as you do.

Check out our blog, Botany Basics, where we regularly publish care guides, how-to articles, instructional videos, and educational tips about everything green that fits on a windowsill.

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