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✿ Discounted plants with physical defects
✿ Un-doctored photos for complete transparency
✿ Please read the whole listing - we want to meet your expectations!
✿ Photos are of example plants, not the actual plants that will be delivered
✿ Pot sizes range from 3" to 5", random assortment of plants

Unfortunately, not every orchid makes it through the houseplant distribution chain unharmed... but that doesn't make them less than beautiful! This listing is for plants that are happy, healthy, but may have some issues that make them difficult to sell online (sight unseen) in good conscience. If you're up for a plant in recovery, this is the spot to score heavy discounts!

We're offering these already discounted plants with additional quantity discounts available in the drop-down menu. Help us make some space on our growing benches by buying from this listing for a random assortment of less-than-perfect plants from our inventory.

Bombotany is primarily a web-store (unless you catch us at a local market!), so we only send plants which are largely free from physical defects. Plants purchased from THIS listing may have missed being watered a few times, been dropped, won battles with fungus, or insects, or maybe suffer from discoloration due to nutrient/pH imbalance, sunburn, mechanical damage, foliar damage, pitting, spotting, other residue. There may be minimal root systems. They're ready for TLC in a new loving home.

As a general rule, if plants are suffering for any reason, blooms should be removed. For that reason, plants from this listing will rarely come with buds/blooms/inflorescence, but they may come with keikis!

We'll do our best to send only plants with non-fatal issues. While our professional opinion is that these plants are recovering and not continuing to decline in condition, we can NOT guarantee their future. We CAN guarantee that they'll be alive when they show up! This listing is for "as-is"; all sales from this listing are final.

If the available shipping options don't work for you, feel free to shoot a message!

It's the duty of the buyer to open packages immediately upon arrival - hot/cold weather is dangerous to live plants. Keep an eye on your tracking number - your plant pal will thank you! If you're concerned about weather we can always delay your order until things are more comfortable.

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Tracked and insured. Weatherized whenever necessary. Heat packs are always free and automatically included.

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